Sunday, January 11, 2009

ode on a german um?

Recent keywords that have brought people to my blog:
- ode on a german um by keats
- orberg lingua latina cheat (Oh no you don't!)
- limericks about keats
- a funny poem about bailout (Try this.)
- chuck norris christmas poem
- dylan thomas, fairy rings to the moon (Dylan
Thomas's initials are so appropriate
- iambic pentameter feels weird (Weirder than this?)
- "if you were meant to be a writer you would already be writing Catholic fiction" (Ouch.)
- golden compass keats poem
- jabberwocky in latin hassard dodgson (That was your lucky day...)
- keats in latin (Sorry. I'll try and get around to that.)
- vergil in quenya (Maybe later.)
- paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde (Excuse me?!)
- poems about march for life
- snow gods
- tennyson pigs fly ("And all thy bacon sizzled unto me.")
- the oroma in ancient egypt (what's an oroma?)
- worst cento peoms done (Hey, don't look for them *here*!)
- "dance of vowels and consonants"
- per amica silentia lunae
I will be sure to take all of this into my consideration when I blog. Also, I resolve to blog more about WH Auden. (Nearly half of the searches were Auden-related.)


Enbrethiliel said...


Interesting! How did you find them?

By the way, while we're on the subject of Catholic fiction, Meredith, have you ever read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander?

Dr. Thursday said...

Wow, very curious. I guess I may have been indirectly responsible for getting you that hit from "para dimethyl amino benzaldehyde"... which of course is the Irish Jig chemical.

The one that curiouses me is the "dance of the vowels and consonants"...

some guy on the street said...

Up front: my apologies; for this may offend the sensibilities of many.

Ode on a German Stein (someone had to try, you know?)

Thou daily-drained font of revelry,
Thou mother both of mirth and patient quaff,
Baroque yarn-wright, who thus in glazes free
Thy tale burlesque do spin and make us laugh,
What pine-framed myth doth lurk within thy cone
Of men and kobold demons of dread might,
In Bayern, or Valhala's fiery halls?
What men or ghosts are these, what noble knight?
What holds their sight? Nor any sit alone?
What orgue and trumpet? What din dreary falls?

The fragment was here abandoned, for obvious reasons.

Meredith said...

Embrethiliel: I have my blog signed up to Google Analytics (my brother set it up for me). It tells me all sorts of things about my blog... I especially like the map of the world with dots showing where my readers are. (I get a lot of visits from the Philipines. ^_^ ) I haven't read Outlander. What's it like?

Dr. Thursday: You are *such* a geek! ^_^

I think that the dance of vowels and consonants is from an article in Poetry, but it could be from a poem... I know not.

some guy on the street: heheheh!

Enbrethiliel said...


Really? I wonder who all those Filipino readers might be. Hmmmm . . .

Outlander is a Time Travel novel written by a practicing Catholic. I hadn't known that when I started, but now that I do, everything makes sense. It's the kind of book you know a non-Catholic would never have been able to write. It pretty much has most of my attention these days, so I'm giving in and drafting a post about it.

Santiago said...

I found this blog googling "Dre+Snoop+"Stranded On Death Row"+"The Chronic". Strange.

Meredith said...


How could this have happened? ::ponders::

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