Saturday, August 20, 2011

new Dappled Things

You can see some of it here, but I warn you, you will need the print version to read most of it. Subscribe today, it's a classy publication! In this issue, I like "An Elegy for Rose," which is a really well executed villanelle. The art is also quite lovely. (I like "Woman in Irish Coat.")

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Job search concluded

I don't know if anyone is out there, but I have an update: it looks like I will be teaching Latin and Humanities at Live Oak Academy in San Jose! It is a Christian co-op school for homeschoolers, and it is about twenty minutes from the town I grew up in. I've spent six years now studying east of the Mississippi, and I never really thought I would return to the Bay Area to teach. Most of the jobs for Latin are concentrated in New England and the South. But it turns out that I had a connection here all along... a lady I met while doing pro-life work told me about the opening. I am feeling very happy about this, and I give heartfelt thanks to all of you who may have said some prayers for me. The past few months have been rough in some ways, and I have neglected the blog and my writing in general. Now I have a little certainty, and I feel very alive and optimistic.

I am in Santa Fe right now. It is so beautiful, and it has been raining, which is always a grace in this part of the world. After I read the email offering me the teaching job, I went to Mass in the San Miguel chapel, where my parents were married and which is the oldest church in America. It was the Old Form Mass. Afterward I walked around the corner and had some ice cream. Hmmm, I just have a feeling that this year is going to be awesome!