Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh for Keat's sake. Seriously.

I just found the trailer for "Bright Star," which opens tomorrow. Blech! It looks insufferably gooey. Call me cold-blooded, but the only moment that really sent my heart racing was the second-long glimpse of Keats lining up the scraps of "Ode to a Nightingale." Eeeeeee!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Enbrethiliel's Meme

Dragged from hibernation again! I'd like to thank Enbrethiliel for tagging me...

Ten Honest Facts About Meredith

1. I will happily spend half an hour staring into space and morphing words into rhymes and pararhymes: "Flick, fluke, flake, flock... shock, walk, knock, lock... luck, lack, like, Luke..." and so on ad nauseam.

2. I have referred, in a poem, to eyes as "orbs." (Once. When I was thirteen, people.)

3. Until I got to high school, I had a phobia of foreign languages. I seriously thought I was incapable of learning another language. Which proves that there's hope for all of us.

4. My knowledge of macrons in Latin words is imperfect. For instance, I always thought that "rosa" has a long O, and it doesn't. And now I have to make sure that my students put macrons in the right places. Ei mihi!

5. I avidly follow fashion blogs like The Cherry Blossom Girl and The Glamorous Grad Student.

6. If I go with people to a restaurant, I'm always the last person to finish eating.

7. When no one else is listening, I read Virgil with 90% ecclesiastical pronunciation.

8. I still like Philip Pullman, even after The Amber Spyglass. Even though he's trying to build an army of anticlerical zombie children. (Can I come along, as long as I don't have to sing the Marseillaise?) I and a Certain Friend still talk about what our daemons would be, if we had them.

9. I didn't have a boyfriend in high school. I was too deeply absorbed in my relationships with old, dead poets.

10. (This last is for Enbrethiliel) My Little Pony was an alright cartoon, but Rainbow Brite was the bestest ever! I haven't heard the theme song for years, but if I did, I'd get chills.

Whom should I tag? I think most of our circle has already been tagged... Well, if you're reading this and it appeals to you and you haven't done it yet... consider yourself tagged!