Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Poetry Goodness

So freakin' adorable! (Here is the written text.)

New Dappled Things! Check out the visual art.

This site is a neat survey of British poetry magazines. I'm looking at this raucous Welsh one right now... it's called The Yellow Crane.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Thei are fillinge me to the brim with all kindz of latin shenanigans and the partyinge heere ys out of control."

Chaucer Jr. apparently rocked his first year at Oxford, judging by his casual use of Linglish - a dialect I'm familiar with by now. When conventiculum ends, I always have a little trouble choosing Latin or English, and I alternate between them for a day or two. It's fun and kind of weird to hear everyone's "real" voices. And Marcello, it was awesome to see you again!

Videos are now online... N.B. four versions of "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse," written and acted by us. And from last year, a play acted out by the kids(I wish the one they did this year were online; it was adorable!):