Sunday, November 1, 2009

The worlds's oldest recorded melody - enjoy!

My friend Sean sent me this video from YouTube.

I have Savae's recording of old Spanish and Aztec music for our Lady of Guadalupe - it's something else.


VidiAquam said...

I hadn't known that you had a blog until you told me that I was mentioned on it!

I must say, this all looks rather interesting. I shall have to spend reprehensible amounts of time perusing it...

-Your friend Sean

P.S - There is a slight distinction to be made - this is the oldest *complete* melody which has been found. We have fragments which we estimate to be older, but of course, fragments are fragments, not melodies.

Incidentally, as regards the fragments, I find it rather interesting to listen to the incomplete strings of notes as they are, with the gaps - very often the pauses sound not only intentional, but quite artistic and dramatic.

On this website (, for instance, I find the fragmented SONG B, as it stands, extremely compelling. I shall orchestrate it, when I have time so to do.

Well, enough for now.

Marcello said...

Neat. I've been meaning to buy that CD for years; maybe now's as good a time as any! I am kicking myself for not seeing the actual stone,, as I'm pretty sure I was in Aydin/Tralles sometime in March. Anyway, I can't imagine what kind of geeky conversation the two of you had that led to Sean sending this along; needless to say, I'm quite envious. ;)

I'm off. It's Friday night, and time's a wastin': what better time is there for reading some Virgil?? Ciao. M

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