Thursday, July 31, 2008

Someone liked Dark Knight...

Status on Facebook today: "[Meredith's friend] thinks that Thomas Aquinus should make Christian Bale the sixth way."

It's better than the Ontological Argument, anyway... uh oh, I hope St. Thomas will save me from St Anselm.


Santiago said...

umm, I hope your friend is referring to Bales' looks, because his acting is hhhhhhhhhhhorrible.

Sheila said...

My personal proof for the existence of God is: Grass exists, ergo Deus.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sheila - does THAT sound Chestertonian!

Mine is taken from "TRON":

"If I don't have a User, then - then who wrote me?"

Which, of course, is both Thomistic and Chestertonian.

--Dr. Thursday

PS: Meredith, I added a comment to the almost-off-the-screen discussion on Catholic Fiction, and a link to my own blogg; that too apparently is a bit further down. Here are links to your and my posts.