Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Dappled Things

Ta da!

The poetry isn't as good this time. Paul Stilwell is the best in this issue. Two provocative essays: "When the Eagles Don't Fit in Capistrano" and "The New Jerusalem." I really want to read the rest of the second one.

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syme said...

You think so? Why? I was more excited about "Frascati," "Languedoc," and, especially, Kate Bluett's "Triptych." What are your criticism of those poems? I've read Triptych several times and each time I like it more. I love how the poet uses the works of art to meditate on parts of the Virgin Mary's life, and thus on Christ's. I find the language and images beautiful, and the reflections surprising, inspiring, and intriguing. I'm not trained in poetry, of course, so perhaps it has a lot of flaws I'm not getting. But right now I'm very much in love with that poem. As I said, I also found Frascati and Languedoc beautifully crafted. What don't you like about them?

(I'm a lurker around these parts and a DT reader. I don't know if I've ever commented before, but I like you blog quite a bit.)