Monday, May 16, 2011

Graduation; Dappled Things

The latest Dappled Things is out. I have a review of Nick Ripatrazone's Oblations. Also, I have completed my M.A. in Classics at the University of Kentucky. Now I'm looking for a teaching job. Let me know if there's a school in your area wanting a Latin teacher!


dylan said...

I don't know if my alma mater, the Boston Latin School, is hiring. Would you like to live in Boston? It has many attractions. The weather is not one of them -- winter's too cold for most, and summer's too humid for some.

Also, I read your review -- good job!

Marcello said...

Eugepae, O lepida Mereditha! Tibi gratulor quod omnia ad gradum adipiscendum pertinentia feliciter perfecisti. Laetus igitur te excipio in gregem eorum qui curriculum Instituti explevimus! (we happy few...)

Quo nunc tendes? Nonne rursus in Californiam redibis? Tene videbo apud conventiculum? Scribe ad me si licet! VALE

"τὸν δρόμον τετέλεκα, τὴν πίστιν τετήρηκα" (2 Timothy 4:7)

Meredith said...

Dylan: the Boston Latin School does sound tempting! I'm pretty much concentrating on the south and the west, though, since that's where my family and friends are... and, being a California girl, those winters do sound intolerable!

Saw your poetry reading on facebook by the way... bravo!

Meredith said...

Gratias plurimas, o Marcelle optime! Vero mox ad Californiam me referam. Conabor aliquot nuguas tibi scribere... ^_^

Et tibi gratulor iterum de munere accepto!