Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Pizza Indult

The last forty years are so much funnier when you think of the Traditional Roman Rite as Traditional Italian Pizza!

Personally I think that this is a great improvement on "The Novus Ordo is like New Coke and the old rite is like Classic Coke."

But now I'm longing for a slice of Quattro Stagioni, or "the Solemn Pontifical Pizza."


paul bowman said...

Hey, I've just discovered you via your old blog, via Endlessly Rocking. Have enjoyed looking through your back-catalogue just a bit, and mean to do so further when I can. The way I look at it, blogging is first of all for getting stimulated to better reading (both verb & noun senses). This is lovely stuff to that end -- even for someone like me, who's not a Tolkien fanatic & who doesn't get the Rowling thing at all. Looking forward to more.

Filed you under specialists, in spite of the last couple posts! I hope I'm right to do so.

: )


paul bowman said...

Oho, just found the Catholic Illustrators' Guild blog over there at right. A happy discovery.

Wonder if any of those folks live near me.

Thank you for good links, Meredith.

Meredith said...

Thanks for stopping by, Paul! I should really check out Endlessly Rocking again; haven't seen it for a while. You might consider becoming a contributor to the SmallPax blog. (I saw your sketches - cool!) Another Catholic illustrator is Daniel Mitsui (on my blogroll).

paul bowman said...

I wish I were drawing often enough these days to be able to participate in a blog like SmallPax.

(I'm not actually Catholic, by the way. I was brought up bible-church Evangelical (very) and have been undergoing some slow, depth-oriented change in understanding of Christian faith for a dozen or so years, since my mid-20s. Lately, paying a lot more attention to Catholic people & teaching.)

Mitsui's blog is wonderful. Again thanks!

paul bowman said...

Did I say Mitsui's blog is wonderful? Overwhelming is the word I wanted, probably -- certainly if considering blog & artwork together. Having trouble taking it in. What a discovery.