Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In Order of Non-Appearance...

This is funny.


Our Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to the non-publication of the best works of the best poets in the English-speaking world. We value diversity and strive to include new voices in our evaluation process. Our goal is to provide a non-venue for all kinds of poetry and avoid the labeling of differing aesthetics. We eschew poetry politics and never let personal relationships enter into our decisions. The bedrock principle of The Futility Review is that any poet, no matter whether accomplished or beginning, will be rejected in the same open-handed manner.

Awards and Honors:
Poems that have gone unpublished in The Futility Review have failed to appear in every Best American Poetry anthology since its inception in 1988, and have been absent from dozens of Pushcart anthologies.

Be sure you click on "Guidelines":

How would you describe the poems in your submissions?

- Confessional Blubbering
- Mostly Whitespace
- Whimsical Anecdotes with Redemptive Close
- Post-Avant Jabberwocky

(Courtesy of Choriamb, of course.)


Anonymous said...

Actually, this sounds like a poem they'd print:


"Confessional Blubbering,



(Whimsical Anecdotes - with Redemptive Close?)

Post-Avant Jabberwocky!"

It's all in the punctuation, you see. (hee hee). Its third "line" even has that "lost article" effect you mentioned as being Hopkins-like.

Yes, I've come to say hello; Sheila provided the link. I hesitated long before coming, since I have played with words, and risk your serene studies... but since you've also made me laugh I take the dare - I am, after all, a Chestertonian, so I'm both poet and lunatic.

--Dr. Thursday

Meredith said...

Good to see you, Dr. Thursday! I'm afraid that for all my "studies," my blog will never be as completely poetic as Sheila's. I hope she'll host another poetry contest someday, don't you?

Your poem I review as follows:

"Few poets can be as intoxicatingly philosophical as Dr. Thursday in his latest opusculum, "(ahem...)," which maps the most intimate traceries of both domestic experience and anguished theodicy masquerading as ironic disinterest. Two thumbs up!"

Feel free to use this as a blurb! (An expanded version containing the terms "luminous," "numinous," "shards," "magical realism," and "anxiety of influence" may be obtained for a modest fee.)