Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hear Belloc sing!

On his radio show last Tuesday Karl Keating played some rare recordings of Hilaire Belloc singing his own songs. If you go here, you will find the archived show from August 14. The recordings are more than halfway in. Belloc sings "Tarantella," "Ha'nacker Mill," "The Winged Horse," and a song about Cuchulain. There are also some recordings of a Scottish tenor singing "His Hide Is Covered with Hair," that Christmas carol with the refrain May all my enemies go to hell!, and a few others.

Belloc's voice is fascinating. He has a strong English accent - but his 'R's are French! He was born in France, and I suppose he was never able to acquire the difficult English 'R.'

Even though these recordings are crackly and off-the-cuff, they are a treasure for anyone who loves Belloc. I've been humming "Tarantella" all day.

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Adam Mateo Fierro said...

I heard about these recordings years ago but never listened because they weren't online. Now I'm stunned! I was surprised when I heard Chesterton too---not how I imagined the ChesterBelloc to sound! But I agree Belloc's voice is fascinating. Thanks a lot for posting this!

Pax tecum,